Carmaker Increases Leads With QR Codes

A recent case study was performed by Toyota to see if using emerging mobile techololgy would increase web traffic, leads with QR codes. Toyota developed a campaign which ultimately drove traffic by creating a campaign which included the use of the 2-D barcode also known as a QR code. By scanning the QR code it drove traffic to the car company’s website and integrated social media sites. The results were very positive!

Carmaker increases web traffic, leads with emerging mobile technologies. In May 2011, Toyota launched a campaign for the 2012 Corolla targeting an

It is evident that using QR codes has increased the carmaker’s web traffic, and leads. Utilizing this emerging mobile technology and integrating into Toyota’s social networks had proven successful. It is apparent that Toyota is going to expand it’s use of QR codes in the near future. If you would like to share your companies experience using QR codes and mobile technology, please visit and like our Facebook page .

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Salvation Army Accepting Donations Using QR codes

How often do we leave our home without any loose change, smartpone owners rarely leave their home without it. In an effort to capitalize, the Salvation Army is counting on it. The Salvation Army has teamed up and created a QR code that will let donors give conveniently using their credit card. It also will allow them to sign up for their newsletters and share with social media.

Teaming up with Graphic Creations, they developed a QR code that will let donors give conveniently using their credit card. They can also follow the charity’s various social media and sign up for newsletters. “The technology is real simple,” explains

It is true that only about 9 percent of people survey know what a QR code is, the percent of smartphone users who understand 2D codes is growing. This fact is proof that QR codes will continue to grow and so will their applications. We are only touching the surface and look forward to many more innovative applications in the very near future.

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Mobile Marketing Tips To Help Increase Your Business

As businesses are now starting to use mobile marketing to deliver their promotional perks to their customers, it is important to deliver these messages carefully to avoid common mobile marketing mistakes. Using bulk SMS is an excellent mobile marketing tool is done the correct way. Reviewing the common mobile marketing mistakes can help your business increase its sales.

Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes and how to avoid them.…/common-mobile-mark…

As you can see by avoiding some common mobile marketing mistakes, you can take your business to the next level. A great mobile marketing tip to increase you business is to engage your clients. Having your clients share their ideas through mobile polls is one way that mobile marketing is a magic formula to your success. Be sure to stay tuned for more up to date mobile marketing tips and mobile marketing mistakes to avoid in future postings.

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The Latest Social Media News

The future of social media is more than about just increasing the number of Twitter followers or Facebook likes you have. It is more about setting up an integrated social campaign which engages your prospects, future customers and friends. It is all about keeping your business social.

Social media has helped in making the world turn an imaginary room with more friends you would never remember. But its future lies not in the size of this room but in how it can be coupled with emerging future technologies.The Full Feed from

The important thing to know is that social media news is not static but ever changing. It is important to keep up with newest and latest ways to market yourself and your business through using all the emerging future social media tools. We look forward to constantly providing the latest social media news available.

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5 Ways of Integrated Marketing Communications Through Social Media

So you want to find how to integrate marketing communications through social media or in plain english you want to engage your prospects and customers through social media sites. If you want more Twitter followers, increase your “likes” on your business Facebook fan page and ultimately increase your business it is best to take clues from other successful businesses.

Check out 5 creative examples of engaging social media campaigns.

HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing…

As you can see, it isn’t about what you do it is how you do it. Getting your fans and followers to engage with you is by giving them a reason. It is very important to know your goals, and therefore you can set your call to actions. Using integrated marketing communications through social media in the correct way will ultimately generate new leads and customers for you.

Please let us know your success stories, so we can share them.

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The importance Of Using Mobile Marketing in Your Marketing Mix

In today’s competitive time it is very important to have and maintain an edge against your competition. An ideal way to capture a consumer’s attention is through mobile marketing. Almost everyone now has a mobile device and shopping on it has become common practice.

So, a successful mobile marketing programme needs to get the consumer to do something. And ideally to reward the consumer to do so. I would like to end this piece with a word about marathons. This is appropriate since the Delhi Half Marathon was run

As you can see, the question isn’t why utilize mobile marketing into your marketing mix but when. If you as a business owner want get the most of your marketing dollars it is a must that you invest in mobile marketing and optimization. Mobile marketing is not the future it is the now and should be integrated into all your social marketing.

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